Can Congestion Cause Poor Cognition?

Think about the last time that you were sick. You probably felt pretty miserable, didn’t you. Sometimes the regular flu or sickness can include things like a stuffy nose, coughs, a dry throat and a host of other problems. People also often face problems with their brain because they are trying to function at a suboptimal level. This is usually a time when people can look for a change that can make a big difference in their lives and help them to achieve more with less.

A sure sign that your congestion problem is causing poor cognition is whether you feel constantly tired all the time. Do you feel you lack energy? It could be the sign of many things, but we are going to help you to diagnose things now and make the best predictions for your future.

Congestion and Cognition: Nootropic Solutions

There are obviously many different methods that can help out improve the general cognitive ability and sometimes you will need these in certain instances. When it comes to improving your quality of life, one of the best ways to get enhanced cognition even while congested is through MCT oil. It might seem strange but if you consume MCT oil for your brain, you will have more ready energy (it breaks down into energy in 3 steps rather than 20 for sugars). You’ll also avoid many of the side effects that usually come with caffeine.

Another alternative that you can use when you are struggling from congestion is to use essential oils in order to help you breathe better. Most people don’t realize that natural and essential oils can be helpful for the purpose of enhanced cognitive abilities. The vast majority of people who are utilizing drugs to overcome their sleep problems (like Adderall) find that there are many different alternatives. Many of the Adderall alternatives are healthy because they aren’t a stimulant based on amphetamines that pumps dopamine and adrenaline into your system.

Seeing a Doctor

If these options cannot help you to get your general cognition in a better place, it might be time for you to have a change for yourself. This might mean visiting a doctor and can include an ear-nose and throat doctor (ENT), that can help. If you are congested constantly, it means you are not getting the right kind of rest, which can have a whole host of downstream problems.

One thing that you should definitely do if it has been constant is to see an ear nose and throat doctor wherever you are living. Even though you can use the nootropics and smart drugs we have mentioned in the post, it is a good idea to find something that can also help you in another way. When you have all of this taken care of, it will help you to have a much better experience without many of the drawbacks and pitfalls that often come with it.