Can Greens Be a Smart Drug?

Improving your brain health is not a process that needs to take a lot of effort or patience. In many cases, the food that you eat and habits that you have can be the best way to maintain a healthy brain without going too deeply into the nootropic realm. One of the things that people really spend time focused on is green vegetables and how that might be able to help the brain. While the green vegetables and juices that you can get all over the world are important for your brain health, they wouldn’t necessarily be called a smart drug.

green vegetablesThe green drinks are very healthy and for many people, it is a great place to start so that you don’t have to worry about all the ill-health effects that come from malnourishment. When you eat out and get your nutrition from other places you inevitably have a deficiency, which only some greens can fill. The greens are often filled with magnesium, potassium, and similar types of minerals that make a difference in how your body and brain function. When you are able to enjoy this type of brain boost, you might feel like there is no reason to use smart drugs.

How wrong you are! This is the best time to use smart drugs because your brain is already at 100% based on your diet and habits. When you are fully functioning with your daily habits and nutrition, that is going to make the nootropics work even more efficiently. You’ll find in short order that you are able to get a lot more done and focus on what is most important if you are with the right health and then combine smart drugs on top of that.