Ayurvedic Herbal Remedy Scares

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If you are new to nootropics you may not have heard of a group of herbs from India, which is commonly referred to as Ayurvedic medicine. These herbs have been used on the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years and they are some of the most effective ways for you to improve your cognitive function. Because they have been used for so long they obviously have a history of truth, but they also have a lot of scientific evidence.

Yet even though the herbs themselves are safe, it seems the production methods are less so. There has been many scares about the quality of Ayurvedic herbs on the market and some conclusions show 21% or so of all these products are filled with heavy metals. It is a common problem to have within the production of Ayurvedic herbs, but for some reason it has not yet been resolved.

With the right brand, there is not much to worry about, but it is important to get good quality Ayurvedic herbs like bacopa monnieri and ashwagandha. If you are not getting the best quality, then you run the risk of finding heavy metals that can damage your body and brain in the long run. It is important for you to protect yourself when at all possible and even though herbs are generally safe, humans find a way to pollute them during production.

While it might seem scary to try Ayurvedic medicine, just be cautious with the brands that you trust and buy from. If you have a trusted brand like Pure Nootropics, you probably do not have much to worry about. It is a good idea to make sure that you have an understanding of where the company is located and how they operate. Compared to most American companies, the real threats are the ones from India where the production is low quality.